For any aspiring mechanic, a good OBD2 scanner is an absolute must. OBD2 scanners make diagnosing car issues infinitely easier. With an OBD2 scanner, diagnosing a car’s issue can be as easy as plugging it in and reading the fault code. An OBD2 scanner can even give you information on vehicle malfunctions you might not have even known about. With hundreds of choices of scanner on the market, what are the best choices? Today we’re going to look at three of the best choices in OBD2 scanners for aspiring mechanics, or anyone who works on their own vehicles.


  1. The BlueDriver professional scan tool


To start off our list is my personal favorite. BlueDriver’s professional scan tool plugs right into your vehicle and connects to your Apple or Android phone or tablet via a BlueTooth plug-in attachment, making it exceptionally compact and easy to use. The BLueTooth plug-in attachment and BlueDriver scan tool are specifically designed to communicate exclusively with each other, ensuring optimal communication. Like most scn tools you can check and clear check engine light fault codes (confirmed fault codes, as well as pending and permanent fault codes), as well as ‘enhanced’ codes, such as ABS, airbag, and transmission codes. The scan tool can also so smog checks to be sure you past emission tests, and procure advance test results such as misfire counts.  By connecting to your device, you can read vehicle-specific fault codes along with their probably causes and potential fixes. You can get live data from your vehicle displayed directly to your device, as well as a customizable display. If you plan to only use a scan tool once, I probably would look as less expensive options, but for anyone looking to up their car-repair game, this is one of the best $100 you’ll ever invest in a tool. But with over 3,000 Amazon reviews, so you don’t have to take out word for it!


  1. ANCEL FX4000 All System Automotive OBD2 Scanner


For the more serious scan tool shopper (for example, the kind willing to spend upwards of $200 for their scanner) there is ANCEL’s FX4000 AllSystem Automotive OBD2 Scanner. Although this scan tool lacks the capability to connect to your other devices like BlueDriver’s, it is a bit more in-depth and all inclusive with the codes it can scan for. It can read fault codes on both gasoline and diesel vehicles, as well as give diagnostic readings for almost every mass-produced vehicle after 1996, that’s a lot of cars! When it comes to getting as close as possible to what the professionals use, without breaking the bank, this is your best bet. Although it is lacking some system reset and programming functions, when it comes to supplying diagnostic information, this scan tool is second to none at this price. Just like the last entry this scan tool has well over one hundred reviews on Amazon, be sure to check out what they have to say about it while shopping for your scan tool!


  1. FIXD OBD-II Active Car Health Monitor


For those of you looking to just keep up on the health of your own vehicle, and don’t plan on doing too much vehicle diagnosis. However, this isn’t to say you can’t check your fault codes and clear check engine lights with this device. It will even explain what triggered the fault in plain English for the less mechanically-inclined, or those who are mechanically inclined and just like the convenience. Just keep in mind you won’t be able to check and enhanced codes or lights, like airbag, TPMS, or ABS lights. This device communicates with your phone or tablet via BlueTooth, without an additional attachment like BlueDriver’s, it will simply connect directly to your device’s BlueTooth. You can also schedule maintenance reminders to keep you up-to-date on your oil changes and other scheduled maintenance. What’s most attractive about this choice in fault code scanner, is both the affordable price and ease of use. Simply connect your device and read the fault codes! So, if you’re just in the market for something that will help you keep up with your car’s maintenance, be sure to check this one out.