Short version, the best you can get is this right here

And here’s why:

During my time as an automotive student, I had the opportunity to try a dozen different kinds of impact wrenches. If you’re looking to buy your own, you may not be sure what’s best for you as a student. For most college students, this is no small decision, as impact wrenches are often several hundred dollars- no small amount for a struggling student! I found that the best bang for your buck impact wrench out there is Kobalt’s ½ inch drive air –powered wrench.


To start at the surface-level, the design of the air gun is a professional-looking black and blue; I always appreciated the darker colors to hide the inevitable oil and other grime I would get on my wrench while working.

Why an air-powered wrench?

If you’re asking this question, you probably haven’t worked on cars professionally, at least not for very long. Almost every self-respecting car repair business has air compressors powering almost all, if not all, their heavy-duty tools. Electric-based impact wrenches and guns, while useful, are best left for smaller tasks.

Speaking of big tasks, this wrench can output 700 ft-lb of torque, more than enough for any job you’ll have during your studies, and for most jobs afterwards. Of course, this means you’ll probably want to invest in some tor For any impact wrench, I recommend getting a half-inch drive over a three-eighths any day, as the half-inch will almost always be able to do any job the three-eighths can, but not vice-versa. As a rule of thumb, I go for half-inch whenever available, and just use a half-inch to three-eighths adapter. In the case of an impact wrench, make sure the adapter you use is also impact-grade, I’ve broken more adapters than I would like to admit.

Kobalt also offers a 3-year warranty with this impact wrench, meaning it is guaranteed to last you through a 2-year program at school as well as a year into whatever job you get afterwards. Spending $150 on a gun you know will last you for 3 years is better than spending $80 on one that will crap out on you a month in, and there’s no worse feeling than being without your air wrench, even for just a day. I used this wrench through the entirety of my program and never had an issue.

Easily my favorite part of Kobalt’s design has to be the weight. At well under seven pounds, this is fairly light-weight compared to any other impact wrench of a similar grade. Whenever a peer would borrow mine (because mine never broke) the first thing they would mention is how light it is. Weight may not seem like a huge deal if you’ve only used one of these a handful of times, but when you’re using one every few minutes, you’d be surprised what a difference it makes in how sore you are at the end of the day. As far as what I don’t like about the wrench, the grip that is “designed for comfort” I never found very comfortable, and ended the day with blisters on my hands from the grip on more than one occasion. But that’s alright, calluses build character, right? Or you can always simply have more forethought than myself and invest in some gloves or a slip to go over the grip for more padding. You may be wondering how the price compares to other, similar products? At $130 dollars, it’s fairly middle of the road, with some cheaper but comparable wrenches being between $80 and $90, while some of the higher-end brands can well exceed $200. With Kobalt’s three-year warranty, I was happy to spend the $130 for peace of mind I would always have an impact gun through my program, and didn’t feel like I was breaking the bank. In short, I think Kobalt’s impact air wrench is a lightweight, well-priced, powerful gun that is one of, if not the, most ideal option for automotive students looking to buy their first impact wrench. So be sure to check it out while you make your decision.