1. Suspension upgrade/coil overs


Although not a direct improvement to your vehicle’s power output, having performance suspension can completely change the way your car handles. What kind of suspension is best for you will vary depending on many factors, such as the kind of vehicle you have as well as what kinds of roads or terrain you will be driving on. Aftermarket suspension and/or coil over suspension is a very popular modification among car enthusiasts- and for good reason. With stiffer suspension, your vehicle will experience less body roll around tight corners, allowing you to take corners at higher speeds, improving all-around performance. Adding power to your vehicle is useless if you can’t keep your tires gripped to the road, proper suspension will help accomplish this. If you perform this modification on a car you drive often, such as a daily-driver, be sure the suspension is still comfortable enough for frequent driving. Stiffer suspension may be better from a racing standpoint, but can make any car an uncomfortable one to drive. And we aren’t going to ignore how fantastic some brightly colored coil overs can look driving down the street, or just sitting in the driveway.


2. Exhaust


One of the best ways to increase your vehicle’s performance is upgrading from the stock exhaust system. There is a plethora of ways to improve your vehicle’s exhaust system, from getting high-flow catalytic converter (or straight-up removing it) to getting a full cat-back system. The main purpose of the vast majority of exhaust system upgrades is to increase the flow of exhaust fumes out of the system, resulting in the engine not having to work as hard to push the fumes out of the system. Think of it as if it were your vehicle’s respiratory system, and a high-quality exhaust system makes it easier for your vehicle to exhale, improving performance. Another, albeit more niche reason, people replace their stock exhaust system is to produce a different, usually louder, sound. Most vehicle manufacturers design their mufflers to reduce noise as much as possible, but many car enthusiasts want to “hear their baby purr” and will replace the muffler with the full intention of making their vehicle as loud as possible. Keep in mind, most states have laws in place to regulate how loud a vehicle can be, so be sure to read up on your state’s regulations before upping the decibels.

3.  Turbo/Supercharger


Although one of the more expensive modifications you can do to your vehicle, installing a turbocharger or supercharger is one of the best ways to see some of the most impressive horsepower and torque gains of any modification you can do to a vehicle.